Xhorse VVDI MINI Prog Chip Programmer Work on Xhorse APP Coming Soon

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Product Description

Xhorse MINI Prog Multi-functional programming device,support repair multiple modules,read/write eeprom data and mcu data. work with Xhorse app on IOS and Android.
Xhorse MINI Prog Chip Programmer work with Xhorse app on IOS and Android

The Xhorse handheld MINI Prog programming pen is an independent device for reading and writing data. It can store data without relying on a PC. For most 8-pin ICs, you can use a pressure contact to read and write data. Various special models will also be equipped with corresponding adapter, such as BMW CAS adapter, Porsche BCM adapter without soldering, Land Rover adapter, etc. . . . . (These adapter boards are also expected to work with VVDI PROG,VVDI Key Tool Plus). Built-in battery and wireless data transmission, no need for external power supply and U disk to transfer data.

In terms of security, the hand-held programming pen is preset with a pin detection function: before reading data, it will detect whether the pin is in normal contact, to avoid the possibility of unreadable or lost data due to unclean pin processing. Backup function of data will also be added-when the data is successfully read, the system will automatically back up the data to the memory or cloud storage according to the operating time to avoid data loss caused by the lack of backup data.If you use the MINI Prog programming pen to read the data, the data is automatically uploaded to your cloud account. Using the VVDI MAX, you can directly read the data write start without switching the device back and forth on the computer.

Xhorse Mini Prog Functions:

▪Repair multiple modules
▪Data local & cloud storage
▪Edit Data on Xhorse App
▪Read&Write EEPROM data and MCU data
▪Directly Read & Write Data free from soldering chips
▪More Functions Coming Soon

Xhorse Mini Prog Test Head and Cable/Adapter:

Xhorse Mini Prog Device Overview:

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Xhorse Mini Prog Use Demo

Xhorse Mini Prog Chip Programmer Overview

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